March 23

Turns out my web host is discontinuing support for MySQL 4 soon so I had to update some of my less used blogs. runs on the latest WordPress, so no worries there, but this allowed me to do a little culling from blogs I don’t update any more.  So, what is left standing?  Duh, that is where you are now.  My watch site, gets more hits than the main site.  My homage to Mark Driver, since his main disappeared years ago, I wanted an easy reference to his works.  Creepy on my part, but oh well.  A lonely spot now.  I maintain it for the lonely Zaurus users out there.  The software feed still generates a fair amount of hits.

That is all for now.  Now that I am off Facebook, I should have more time to update the sites.  I also use twitter, you can follow me at:

I also use Instagram quite a bit, you can follow me at:

If you are feeling old school, you can always e-mail me dave at cyberphreak dot com.



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