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Vacation Started

Finally on vacation.  Not too busy at work.  After the Christmas luncheon, no one really works all that much.  The food was a bit disappointing.  Last year a local restaurant catered the food, which was much better.  This year was pretty common catering fare.  Fried chicken that was about 2 days old by the taste of it and really fatty Italian beef.  We did interview a person after lunch to wire up a crapload of new testers I designed for work.  Nothing too difficult, just something like 1,500 solder joints to solder before they are all done.  Poor bastard.

I had been using SeaMonkey for my internet needs, but I really miss some of the features in Firefox.  My favorite is ScribeFire, which allows easy blogging.  So, I am back to Firefox/Thunderbird.   The latest versions seem to be less memory leaky. 

Tomorrow, we are heading off to the mother in law’s place for a few hours and early x-mas gifts.  I am looking forward to my new watch, a Seiko diver’s watch.  It will be my first real diver’s watch.  Seiko has been making diver’s watches for over 40 years now.  It will have a bright orange face and solid stainless steel bracelet.  I picked it out, she paid for it. 

Glenn has been ok.  He is really trying to find Mommy’s limits.  He does throw some temper tantrums and he really is developing a personality.  I wonder how he will turn out?  Though, I find that I miss Tiff and Glenn more during the day than I used to.  I am glad I am taking a vacation to be with my family a little more. 


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Ah, the mechanical watch

Disjointed, drug influenced post below:

Tiff bought me a lovely mechanical Seiko watch a few weeks ago as an early Christmas present. Living with it for a month has really given me respect for mechanical watches. I used to wear a hand wound watch for several years, somewhere around 1989 to 1993. I remember I bought it at Target. It don’t remember the brand, but it worked well until it was lost during a snow shoveling experience outside my second apartment. I found it the next spring, but by then, it was rusted and ruined. I am sure if it was a Seiko it 1) wouldn’t of come of my wrist (strap failed) 2) if it did, the Stainless Steel body would not of rusted.

I remember when I was a kid, bugging Mom and Dad to get a watch. I wanted a analog watch. At the time, it was probably 1986 or 87. Everything was digital. I eventually found an all black, I believe it was a Casio Quartz, plastic watch. It was my first analog quartz. I wore that watch for years until one of the plastic lugs cracked. To this day, I can’t buy a plastic watch, no matter how cool it looks. I think Mom and Dad probably paid $30 or $40 or more for that watch, which was no small sum 20 years ago.

Back to my current watch. I really do enjoy wearing an automatic watch. It is much more ‘alive’ than my other watches. I still watch the second hand sweep across the dial. I like the fact it will probably outlive me, and I can pass it down to Glenn some day. The watch is starting to settle down, it is about +10 seconds a day fast. It was about 15 seconds a day fast in the beginning. I kind of like the fact I have to reset the time every now and then.  Now I realize, you really don’t need super exact time. +/- 1 minute isn’t going to kill you.

Ahh, drugs, sweet drugs.


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