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DSLRs are fine and dandy

DSLR cameras are nice tools, when used properly.  I personally stick to a point and shoot with an ultra zoom, SX260HS. Case in point, I got to overhear a couple fiddling with their Canon DSLR, while trying to take a photo of a tiger in Brookfield Zoo.  I think think they took one shot, maybe two.  In the meantime, here are how many shots I took:

Not all of them are perfect, but in the time it took to adjust an aperture setting or manually focus, I got some really amazing shots.  I am not a professional photographer, so why use the excessive and expensive tools?  At the end of the day, I got the shots that I wanted, in focus, and properly exposed.  Which shot is your favorite?


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Fun day

Taking a break from Facebook, so might as well give my website some love.

Had a great day today, went to Brookfield Zoo, for you non Chicagoans, it is a zoo in the western suburbs of Chicago.  Been a surprisingly cool summer so far, so it made for a pleasant day at the zoo.

Saw the Dinosaurs alive exhibit, some life size dinosaurs we on display:



Also, there were feathered dinos there as well.



What I found interesting, even looking a little chicken like, they are still dangerous looking creature.


I really liked how they were in a forest setting, with real plants.  There were control panels for some of the dinosaurs to make them breathe, roar, swing their tails and move a bit.


At the end, there was a full sized T-Rex.  That alone made the entry fee worth it.  There were also real fossils and reproductions of fossils in the air conditioned tent.   Later in evening we went to see fireworks, which I learned a long time ago, to never try to take photos of.


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Blogging on the go

Earlier this week I received an unexpected gift, an Adesso bluetooth keyboard.  I have really been wanting a full keyboard for my phone or Palm Pilot, so now I finally have something usable.

The keys are about 3/4 size, about the same as a mini laptop or netbook, with good tactile response.  The overall height is amazingly thin, around a quarter of an inch!  It charges via USB, but looks like it works via bluetooth only.  I will post a follow up later once I have used it a while and get to know what the battery life is like.  For now, it is a great little toy, and large enough to touch type on.



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