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Life in old glass

Trying something new, by trying something old. I really enjoy digital photography. I never really owned a film camera and am an early adopter of digital cameras, going back to before 1999 with cameras like the JamCam 2.0 and i/o Magic Magicimage 500. That being said, my first ‘real’ digital camera was the Olympus C3000, released September 4, 1999, was a fantastic camera at the time. I picked up a well maintained example off eBay for a song and decided to see how the now 23 year old technology holds up.

Fire Hydrant

As you can tell, for a camera over 2 decades old, it is not that bad. I think the most noticeable flaw is the purple fringing and not processing blue all that great, but this was a very common issue with the CCD sensors used at the time. That being said, you really would not know with the fire hydrant and path photos above these photos were taken with a camera built during the Clinton administration.

All the photos are relatively sharp and my biggest complaint is when taking photos the shutter lag is frustrating. My main camera is a Canon Rebel T1i, and even though it is a 13 year old camera, dSLR cameras shoot almost instantly. In good lighting, the C3000 still performs reasonably well, but the limited ISO range really forces you to use a flash inside or have a very steady hand.

Water tower

That being said, the photo above was taken on our wedding day, almost 20 years ago, and I am sure am glad I had this quality of camera in 2002. I love going back to our old photos and they are just as clear, sharp, and colorful as the day they were shot.

Here are some more photos taken on the same walk.

I’ll take more photos with some of my other collectables in my collection, along with photos taken with a newer dSLR with very old glass, in some cases from the 1960’s.


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Lomography is a type of low fidelity photography.  You can use actual film, or a digital camera with a crappy, but delightful lens.  All the photos below were taken with a Digital Holga lens for EOS, 60mm “F8” ahem, not an F8, more like a F22, lens I paid a whopping $13 for.  Amazon Link


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Playing around with my Minolta 50mm prime lens.


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Photo journey, DSLR

I have used many cameras over the years, but I have never made the jump to interchangeable lens cameras like DSLR or mirrorless.  I decided to change this and try to build up the cheapest, but most entertaining ‘kit’ possible.  My goal is to learn about photography, not spend $4,000 on excessive gear.  That being said, here is what I have amassed so far:

Camera Body:

Canon EOS Rebel XT, DSLR.  Entry level DSLR from 2004.  8 megapixel, APS-C sensor.  Came with kit lens, 18 to 55mm, F3.5ish. EF-S mount.   Around $70, shipped, from eBay.

Zoom Lens:

Tamron 85-210mm, F4.5 to 22.  FD mount, adapted to EF mount, $10, eBay.

Prime Lenses:

JCPenny 28mm, F2.8 to 16, wide angle lens.  MD (Minolta) mount, adapted to EF.  $8.50, eBay.

Minolta, 50mm, F 2.0 to 22, “Normal” or portrait lens.  MD mount, adapted to EF, $15, eBay.  My favorite lens so far.

Other miscellaneous stuff:  CF to SD card adapter, so I can make the leap into the 21st century. $12, Canon IR remote, $7.99, Camera strap, $15, camera bag, wife was able to snag for free, and ball head tripod, $60.

So far, I have kept it right around $200 for everything.  The most fun I have had is with a prime lens, the 50mm.  It makes you compose shots differently, since you have to get closer and it makes a fantastic macro lens.  All of the photos of lenses above were taken with the XT, with the 50mm, except for the photos of the Camera and the prime lens, which was taken with the kit lens or borrowed from online.

Macro capabilities

A shout out to Canon, even with this 15 year old camera, I can still download the Digital Photo professional, latest version, just had to type in my serial number.  The biggest difference I have noticed between shooting with point and shoots and my phone is the color reproduction is spot on and I can control the depth of field.

I have been shooting in RAW and jpeg and learning how this all works.  No masterpieces yet, but I am learning.  I plan to be shooting fall colors this weekend.  Ironically, the photos I posted last year were taken at the forest preserve less than 100 yards from my new house!  I can compare and contrast how the new camera performed and enjoy nature.


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Remembering Dad

Today was the day of my Dad’s funeral.  He was laid to rest in Chapel Hill Garden South Cemetery, in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

It was a touching ceremony where we honored my father, Ronald L. Nelson, but to me, he was always Dad.  My two brothers and I spoke of his life, the ups and downs, shared some funny stories, and were able to close this chapter on his life.  He will be remembered by many.  I was truly touched by friends and neighbors who attended the funeral. My Dad was a kind man, he would always help those in need, and never judged you on the color of your skin.  He only cared about the content of your character and that is a lesson I think our nation needs to take to heart.  I truly miss him.  I was fortunate enough that the last words I spoke to him before he had a heart attack was “I love you Dad.”

Enough tears shed for today, now we all get to celebrate and be better people, lead by his example of never ignoring the plight of others.  He was not a saint, but he was a good man, father, and husband.

Below is a gallery of 164 photos we took over the last 17 years.  Some are flattering, some are not.  You can see how his health declined in later years, but when his smile came through, it was always genuine and I keep expecting to get a phone call, “Dave, Dad here…”


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