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Vacation Started

Finally on vacation.  Not too busy at work.  After the Christmas luncheon, no one really works all that much.  The food was a bit disappointing.  Last year a local restaurant catered the food, which was much better.  This year was pretty common catering fare.  Fried chicken that was about 2 days old by the taste of it and really fatty Italian beef.  We did interview a person after lunch to wire up a crapload of new testers I designed for work.  Nothing too difficult, just something like 1,500 solder joints to solder before they are all done.  Poor bastard.

I had been using SeaMonkey for my internet needs, but I really miss some of the features in Firefox.  My favorite is ScribeFire, which allows easy blogging.  So, I am back to Firefox/Thunderbird.   The latest versions seem to be less memory leaky. 

Tomorrow, we are heading off to the mother in law’s place for a few hours and early x-mas gifts.  I am looking forward to my new watch, a Seiko diver’s watch.  It will be my first real diver’s watch.  Seiko has been making diver’s watches for over 40 years now.  It will have a bright orange face and solid stainless steel bracelet.  I picked it out, she paid for it. 

Glenn has been ok.  He is really trying to find Mommy’s limits.  He does throw some temper tantrums and he really is developing a personality.  I wonder how he will turn out?  Though, I find that I miss Tiff and Glenn more during the day than I used to.  I am glad I am taking a vacation to be with my family a little more. 


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My tester at work is finally done!  I finished up a configuration Wizard for my tester at work.  Now it takes less than 20 seconds to configure a new switch to test.  (They are actually rotary optical encoders.)
Home life is going well.  Tiffany is 28 weeks pregnant, just 12 weeks left to go!  We went to the doctor yesterday for an exam.  Everything is going well.  The baby shower will be in a few weeks.  Nothing too exciting to take pictures of, just waiting for the flowers to pop and the trees to have some darn leaves on them again.  It finally feels like spring, 70 degrees F out.  It is nice to be able to use the grill again.  There is nothing quite like some meat cooked on the grill.  Mmmm..meat.


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Alive and Well

I am doing well, though I just worked 7 days strait.  A new for me.  My new tester at work is almost complete so I hope now that I can get home on time and not work on the weekends.

TIffany is doing ok with the pregnancy.  The leg and back pain are getting to her though.  I feel bad for her, there is so little I can really do to stop the pain.  I did go out and buy a crap load of disposeable plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery to cut down on just the sheer volume of dishes.  I think it is worth it, at least from a time aspect.
All the pets are doing well, the lizard is staring at me right now.  We went to Ikea the other week and one of the little things that we bought was a stuffed animal, a RAT.  Now we have a ‘hide the rat’ game, to see how we can surprise each other.  The poor rat has already ended up in the kitchen cabinets, in a medicine cabinet, underneath a vanity (hiding on the toilet paper) and other places.  You never know where a 3 dollar rat will end up next.


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