New Camera, Old Glass

March 29

A couple weeks ago I purchased a new to me Canon 5D, Mark II, 21 megapixel, full frame, DSLR. It was a top of the line Canon 14 years ago and takes some of the most amazing photos I have taken in my life. It is my first full frame camera. For those not familiar, this means the sensor is larger than the size of 35mm piece of film: a whopping 24x36mm, over 43mm across. Over 20x larger than any cell phone camera. That being said, some cell phones take some amazing photos, but they really rely on digital manipulation to stitch together several images from up to 4 different cameras together. DSLR and Mirrorless cameras use the old fashioned way, huge sensors and huge glass to capture images. I am going to do my best to take a photo a day, or more.

Window, Canon 5D, Mark II, Manual Soviet Lens, 50mm F3.5.
Window, Canon 5D, Mark II, Helios 58mm, F2 lens
Bark, Canon 5D, Mark II, Helios 58mm, F2 lens
Bokeh test, Canon 5D, Mark II, Helios 58mm, F2 lens

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