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Remembering Dad

Today was the day of my Dad’s funeral.  He was laid to rest in Chapel Hill Garden South Cemetery, in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

It was a touching ceremony where we honored my father, Ronald L. Nelson, but to me, he was always Dad.  My two brothers and I spoke of his life, the ups and downs, shared some funny stories, and were able to close this chapter on his life.  He will be remembered by many.  I was truly touched by friends and neighbors who attended the funeral. My Dad was a kind man, he would always help those in need, and never judged you on the color of your skin.  He only cared about the content of your character and that is a lesson I think our nation needs to take to heart.  I truly miss him.  I was fortunate enough that the last words I spoke to him before he had a heart attack was “I love you Dad.”

Enough tears shed for today, now we all get to celebrate and be better people, lead by his example of never ignoring the plight of others.  He was not a saint, but he was a good man, father, and husband.

Below is a gallery of 164 photos we took over the last 17 years.  Some are flattering, some are not.  You can see how his health declined in later years, but when his smile came through, it was always genuine and I keep expecting to get a phone call, “Dave, Dad here…”


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Tinley Park Praries


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Prairie Preserve

Below are photos of a small prairie preserve in Tinley Park, IL, close to my new job.


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Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing


Yesterday I did something I have not done in ages, went fishing. Through Glenn’s school, they had a Father and Son fishing outing at Marquette park, in Chicago. It was nice, you did not have to bring anything, they supplied the poles, bait, and, group fishing license, and instructions. I had to warn Glenn ahead of time, it is called fishing, not catching for a reason. The lake is an odd one, making a circle around an island, and kind of unexpected in the middle of city.


Luckily, the lake is less than four miles from our house, so you could not ask for a quicker lake to get to. We arrived on time and there were a fair amount of kids there, I would say about thirty or so, with dads, so there were over fifty people there fishing. You could tell most of them had never fished or cast a rod and reel before. The poles were simple spin casters, what I learned on as a kid as well.


As was expected, there was not much to catch out there. With all the direct sun, all that was caught in two hours was just a couple of catfish called bullheads. As you can see, the are kind of an ugly looking bugger. The dad who caught him admitted it was kind of a cheat, he saw the fish in the shallows and lured him out. A lot of the kids, including Glenn were able to get a good look.


In the end, the kids got a little antsy after almost two hours in the sun. There was a quick raffle at the end, we didn’t win anything, but it was such a nice day to spend outside. No one made money off of the trip, the small amount we paid went to getting the raffle prizes and nothing more. The area was very nice, and I never knew there was a lake and a golf course, right in the middle of an urban, residential neighborhood. I am almost tempted to get a reel for Glenn to practice with, but I can just see the line getting caught in every tree in a 100 foot radius.


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DSLRs are fine and dandy

DSLR cameras are nice tools, when used properly.  I personally stick to a point and shoot with an ultra zoom, SX260HS. Case in point, I got to overhear a couple fiddling with their Canon DSLR, while trying to take a photo of a tiger in Brookfield Zoo.  I think think they took one shot, maybe two.  In the meantime, here are how many shots I took:

Not all of them are perfect, but in the time it took to adjust an aperture setting or manually focus, I got some really amazing shots.  I am not a professional photographer, so why use the excessive and expensive tools?  At the end of the day, I got the shots that I wanted, in focus, and properly exposed.  Which shot is your favorite?


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