March 12

Changed the message board over to an embedded frame.  As long as it keeps working, I will leave it as it is.  See the words section of you want to add your comments.

I have added some more reviews to the Zaurus software section.  I will be adding a few a day until I have everything that works on the SL-6000 listed.
In other news, it must really suck to be a judge.  With crazed Polish Electricians (sounds like the name of a band)  gunning down your family, and violent offenders taking you out in the courtroom, I hope they get paid ok.
The new job is working out nicely, it pays nicely, and the work is interesting.  When I am happy, gets updated more.  Got a new keyboard for my computer, it is a membrane type, like a laptop, with a similar arrangement.  It is easy to type on, and when Tiffany need to use my computer, she likes it since it is very close to her laptop layout and feel.  (This works both ways too, if I need to use her laptop.)

Well, that’s about it for now.  I am having a belated birthday tomorrow, hope I get some good gifts.


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