End of 2008.

December 28

What year it has been. Glenn has grown so much, it is hard to believe he was just an 18 month old last Christmas. His walking is perfect now, he can jump and skip (his version of skipping, anyways) and his fine motor skills are impressive. He is still not a huge talker, but it getting better. He can count up to 10 on his own and knows the entire alphabet. Overall, a lot of development.

On Christmas eve we went out to my inlaw’s house. 2 helpful hints, never discuss where you would like to get buried at the Christmas dinner table and clothes are boring gifts. Boring as a child, boring as an adult. Unless you really need clothes, I think Christmas is a time for fun gifts, and, you know, things you actually asked for. Slacks are not fun.

Christmas day was good. The meal was very very good. The roast was excellent along with the cheese ball. The gifts were good as well, got what I wanted and are actually fun gifts. Glenn got a great haul, including a Big Wheel and a camera. I remember riding a big wheel when I was the little guy. It was a lot of fun, and Glenn already enjoys it. I am sure he will enjoy it more when he can reach the pedals better. By summer I am sure he will be hauling ass around the neighborhood. By the way, the latest Depeche Mode album is very good, back to more syth sound than some more recent albums.

The day after Christmas is our anniversary, in this case, our 6th. It went well, we went and visited some of our old haunts when we were dating, including Harlem Irving Plaza and Capt’n Nemo’s. It was worth the drive and crappy traffic. That night though, we got a big thunderstorm, so bad it scared Glenn. He slept in bed with us a while, which he has never done before. It was so sad,when I picked him up, he was so scared he was shaking. He calmed down with us and even gave mommy a little back massage.

So today we have just been getting stuff done around the house before it blows away. We had a brown out for about 2 hours today. It was about the longest power interruption I have seen here.

Tomorrow the tree comes down. It is pretty and all, but I would like a chunk of the room back.


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