The iPad

January 27

Wow, what a really pointless device. It looks like a giant iPod touch. Wait, it IS a giant iPod touch. Runs the same software, single tasks. (Let me digress, single tasking in 2010 is totally unacceptable.) and starts with 16GB of storage. My not the greatest netbook has 10 TIMES the storage, a fast processor, can can multi task as good as any desktop since it runs desktop software. Oh, and my netbook can display flash sites correctly and has a real keyboard. It also only weighs about a pound more than the iPad and costs a couple of hundred less.

I am sure the Apple lovers will snatch it up, but is just seems so impractical. You can’t put it in your pocket, you can’t type a novel on it, and you can’t watch Flash videos on it. You end up with a fast, but limited web surfing computer that is not a portable as an iPhone, but not as practical as a netbook. I guess the real advantage is that is will make a half way decent e-book and it runs existing iPhone/iPod touch apps. It looks like a great way to make money at Apple, but not a great overall device. The iPhone is much more practical, sad to say, at least you can use it as a phone.

But, hey, even I am talking about it, so it has succeeded in getting our attention, however short lived it will be.  By the way, the name sounds like a feminine napkin.  Just saying.


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