Not Even Outraged, #6

November 06
With the recent shootings in Orlando Dallas Baton Rouge, a Virginia Baseball field, Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs, Texas, I don’t know why people are outraged. After Sandy Hook and the daily shootings in cities across America, why are people surprised and outraged?  Apparently, this time, it is a ‘Mental health issue’, which is ironic, since on February 28, 2017, Trump signed into law, a new rule that makes it easier for individuals with serious mental health issues to get guns!!!!
The congress has been bought and paid for by the NRA for decades now. No one will stand up to them, or any other gun lobby, so we should just accept how this will be. Sucks, but it is the truth.
Unless the gun laws in the country change, this will keep happening. Creating concentration camps with Muslims won’t solve this. Creating a gestapo that removes 11,000,000 Latino won’t stop this. Common sense gun laws will. See Australia and the UK.
Next time this happens, and it will, I will copy and paste this post with new names.

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