“New” to me

November 12

Exploring more old technology.  Over the last few weeks, I have been exploring more outdated technology, continuing my theme of 2000’s, I have picked up an AlphaSmart 3000 and a Canon EOS Rebel XT,  from 2000 and 2005, respectively.  I already had an AphlaSmart Dana Wireless, which is awesome, but I wanted to try something simpler.  The display is small compared to the Dana, just a four line alphanumeric with no graphics at all.  It runs a very simple operating system and software, but it is very fast.  The keyboard is good, but not as good as the dana, which has a lighter touch and feels like more of a premium keyboard, but it is more that usable.  In terms of features, it has 8 file storage, spellchecker, a calculator, and that’s it.  No touchscreen, no backlight, no SD storage.  I think what most concerns me is the limited storage of the 3000.  It can hold about 100 pages of text, which should be enough, but it does not compare to my Dana, which can use 2 SD cards for storage and can hold millions of pages of text.  On the other hand, the 3000 has battery life which is rated at 700 hours!  This is amazing compared to the 20 hours on my Dana wireless.  I weighs quite a bit less as well.  Overall, I do like the 3000, the keyboard is not my favorite, but it is perfectly fine for what it is.  I have a couple of segments out on my LCD, I may open it up and see if there is a loose connection if I get a chance.

The Canon ESO Rebel XT, on the other hand, has really exceeded my expectations for a camera from 2005.  It is an eight megapixel DSLR, my first.  I never knew the fun you could have with interchangeable lenses and a much larger sensor.  Even in 2019 the photos look great.  I have already taken more than 2000 photos with this new to me camera and I am enjoying learning a whole new skill.   All of the most recent photo posts have been taken with the XT.  I’ll keep you all updated on all this ‘new’ technology works for me.  As always, if you use these devices as they were originally intended, they work perfectly and are still relevant 15 to 20 years later.


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