More layoffs

May 08

More layoffs at work last week.  They let go of I would say about another 20% of the people.  Total for the year, 26% is my best guess.  Orders are down about that much so far, but leveling off at 25% less than lass year.  European automotive market is in the toilet, domestic manufacturing and construction, ditto.  For now, I am still hanging on.  I must say, this is about the worst I have ever seen the economy, first hand.  Stores are still somewhat busy, but, remember, many stores went out of business.  Linens n’ Things, Circuit City, Tweeter, and countless local businesses are out.

On a personal note, Glenn is being very challenging, but, he is two going on three.  He is talking more.  I think he can talk a lot better than he lets on.  He loves watching people play driving games like Burnout and Mario Kart.  I am looking forward to the weekend.  After a week o computers, technology, and electronics at work, it is nice to touch things that don’t use electricity, like the Glenn Monster,  Wifey, and a good book (on paper).


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