First Blog Post, 2021

January 22

Starting a new era in American history.

As you may of noticed, I have not updated this site much in the last 4 years.  This has been due to a plague upon the land known as Donald Trump.  He is going down in history as the worst president of all time.  During his tenure in office, we have seen 400,000 dead Americans, concentration camps at the border, a vast expansion of religious bigotry, codified into law, and more Americans out of work since the Great Depression.   All of this was followed up by an attempted coup, let by the President, which resulted in his SECOND impeachment.  The trial may begin next week and I can only hope he is banned from holding a federal office again.  He is a horrible human being and almost certainly a sociopath.  Even typing this now, my blood boils.

That being said, we have a new President Joe Biden.  A man with ambition, but with empathy and caring that the Trump cannot understand.  After Biden was inaugurated, I slept better than I have in years.  No worry about an insane tweet storm at 2 in the morning, not worried about an insane moron with his hand on the nuclear button.  An actual, full gown adult is in the White House.

I wish the best to you Joe, you are our president and even if you do half of what you promised, you will be a 100 times better president than the last.  Let us not forget Harris, the first woman elected to the second highest office in the land!  I was proud to vote for both of you and I am proud to be an American again.


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