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January 31

A few days ago I switched back to my trusty IBM SK-8805 keyboard.  I was using a “cool” looking Ortec laptop looking keyboard.  No matter how cool you think your keyboard looks, go with the one that feels the best.  The IBM is loud, a little ugly at times, but I can type twice as fast on it, with the half the errors.  I am sure this IBM will last darn near forever as well.

My advice is never ever skimp on your input devices.  A cheap mouse/keyboard will give you carpel tunnel.  You can have the most kick ass computer in the world, and if your keyboard sucks, you will hate the computer.  This also goes for monitors as well.  Get the best that you can afford.  Eye strain=headaches.  I have had the same monitor for years, it was expensive and huge (19″) when it was new, and still looks great now.  The computer you can skimp on, if you can upgrade it in the future, or it is so cheap you can throw it out. A keyboard/mouse/monitor should outlast 2 or 3 generations of computers, easily.  


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