Alive and Well

March 25

I am doing well, though I just worked 7 days strait.  A new for me.  My new tester at work is almost complete so I hope now that I can get home on time and not work on the weekends.

TIffany is doing ok with the pregnancy.  The leg and back pain are getting to her though.  I feel bad for her, there is so little I can really do to stop the pain.  I did go out and buy a crap load of disposeable plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery to cut down on just the sheer volume of dishes.  I think it is worth it, at least from a time aspect.
All the pets are doing well, the lizard is staring at me right now.  We went to Ikea the other week and one of the little things that we bought was a stuffed animal, a RAT.  Now we have a ‘hide the rat’ game, to see how we can surprise each other.  The poor rat has already ended up in the kitchen cabinets, in a medicine cabinet, underneath a vanity (hiding on the toilet paper) and other places.  You never know where a 3 dollar rat will end up next.


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