Baby makes daddy busy.

July 28

Now I know why pepole with babies don’t update their blogs all that often. Those little bundles of joy really keep you busy. His sleep echedule is different every night, so our sleep schedule is different every night. Last night he slept all the way to 3:30A.M., then he was up at 4:30, 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30.

At least it is finally the weekend, Tomorrow we will have family over to see the baby and be able to do some adult type things for a few hours. I wish is was going to be cooler, but with darn global warming, it is pretty bad.

Work has been going well, my testers are working very well now, to the point that I don’t worry about them when I am not there. I added some password protection and changed the configation files so they are they are much more human readable.

Glenn sure is cute little guy. We have been giving him more and more tummy time. He is starting to raise himself up with his arms. He already looks so different, and he only a month old now. If I get a chance, I will post more photos in the baby Glenn gallery.


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