Baby and pet peeves

July 17

Baby is doing well. We just gave him a bath, he still does not like them, but he was starting to be a stinky baby.
In other news, I was at Babies R Us, trying to buy a few simple things, and then it happened, the check writer. Nothing makes me want to leap over the counter and beat someone more than check writers, It is 2000 f’ing 6, get a god dammed debit card. Checks take 10 times longer than any other type of payment and guess what, moron, checks are not free. Debit cards are. I guess people want that 1906 feel when they are shopping, or they think they can float checks. Guess what? With the new electronic clearing of checks, they work as fast as debit cards now. The only time I ever used a check to buy something was when I lost my debit card, and that was for about 2 days. I’m not sorry if I offend, time to modernize people, and make the great leap to 1980’s technology.
Enough ranting, the baby is eating well now, but he is still a pauser. He eats an ounce, sleeps for 10 minutes, then eats again. We are trying out the Target brand of baby formula. It has all the same nutrition of the name brand, and is half the price. At the rate he is eating it, we need to save money where we can. He can’t tell the difference, so why spend more money?


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