Empty Commander in Chief

January 16

What a pack of empty promises.  I was just thinking about how many times Trump has promised some amazing plan and delivered nothing.

So far, that baboon in an ill fitting suit has promised:

To ensure that he has no major conflicts of interest he has come up with some “great plan”.  Turns out the plan is just a scam of handing over control of his company to his two sons.  In addition, there was a cheap looking prop on the table next to him, filled with blank papers, when the announced these ‘plans’. 

He has now promised a replacement to the Affordable Care Act, which will be “insurance for everyone”.  It took 14 solid months of negotiations to come up with the ACA.  Trump is pulling it out of his ass in a week.  Let me detail his plan so far:


This space intentionally left blank.


Next topic, he promised a plan to defeat ISIS.  He is no longer talking about ISIS is his plan.


Trump has promised a “huge” infrastructure plan.  Something like $800 billion, if I remember correctly.  Here is his plan so far:


This space intentionally left blank.


The next promise is to have Mexico pay for the wall.  Turns out the plan is have the American Taxpayer pay for the wall and, what, ask pretty please for Mexico to pay for it?  Even if we raise tariffs, it just means the American consumer is paying for it.


Finally, he promised to end gun violence in the major cities.  Turns out his plan is to just make fun a respected civil rights leader and “tell that boy to go mind his own business.”  More or less.

The point is, we are four DAYS away from the inauguration, and we still have tweeting, insulting, con artist with no plan.   Every time he reveals a ‘plan’ it is nothing more than another empty promise or scam.  Prove me wrong Trump.  Show us ONE COMPLETE, WELL THOUGHT OUT PLAN for once in your life.


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