Ubuntu Linux and Facebook.

May 30

Finally got Ubuntu 10.04 installed on the netbook. As a bit of irony, I had to use Windows to write the USB stick correctly. No matter what combination I tried in Mandriva, it just would end up with file errors. Don’t know why. Anyway, at least the system is installed now. It is attractive and fast. The only proprietary drivers on the system are for the Broadcom Wireless card. Since I was connected to the Internet via a cable, it was able to download and install the driver with minimal difficulty. I think the only thing I really don’t care for is the default color scheme. Just a little too dark and 1998 cool looking for my tastes, but that is easily changed.

Applications launch quickly and everything is super up to date. All I need to do now is install some of my favorite applications (like the GIMP) and I have a fully functional netbook/mini notebook again. As a humorous change, the icon for Safe a file has changed from a floppy to a hard drive with an arrow pointing towards it. Much more appropriate, and I am sure many younger computer users have never used, no less seen a floppy disk in action. Even 10 years ago it was rare.

In other news, the 100 days in cyberspace got a little old. I will add more sites, if they really deserve mention. I don’t want to add links to add links. I prefer to spend more time in real life.

Speaking of spending more time in real life, I have the distinct feeling Facebook is burning fast. It is rapidly approaching ad ridden/feature over-bloat uselessness, somewhat like AOL from 8 years ago. A candle that burns twice as bright lasts half as long, and you have burned very very brightly Roy, er, Facebook. (My apologies to the folks who made Bladerunner.)

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