Happy Halloween!

October 31

Went out trick or treating with Glenn, doesn’t he look cute?



He got lots of compliments and candy. It was a little cold, but he was a real trooper. Chocolate is a great motivator.  People were very impressed with his outfit.  The costume is very well made and looks pretty legitimate.  We picked up the costume (with helmet) last year and added the axe.  It is about he safest costume I have ever seen, with the green stripes be actual retro reflective material like the real thing.

The funniest costume we saw when we were out was this one:



Yep, that’s a real monitor shell and Dell keyboard. Tiff and I had a good laugh at that one. The man inside was an adult with a full beard.

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One response to “Happy Halloween!

  1. Ron

    October 31, 2009 at 6:48 pm

    Oh, man. With all the old monitors I have, I could make a giant robot from the cases.

    Glenn looks very cute in his outfit. Probably perfect for the weather, too!


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