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Updated my computer

I finally had a chance to update my computer from Mandriva 2005LE to Mandriva 2007 Free. Mandriva and the Penguin Liberation Front were slowing down/discontinuing 2005LE updates so I made the switch. I update every other version of Mandriva, which means I update every 2 years.
The new KDE 3.5 is nice, and the visuals included are very nice. Transparent windows are cool to look at and pretty useful when you are looking at one web page and trying to type commands into a terminal window. Another piece of eye candy is 3ddesk, which allows neat looking desktop switching. Pointless but cool looking. The new XGL engine is stable and runs great on my 5 year old machine. Vista would balk at my “old” Athlon 2200 and 512 mb of ram, with a 64 meg video card. Mandriva Linux had no complaints. Everything works great, and the machine boots very quickly and cleanly. I’ll take some screen shots later so you can see how nice the updated interface is. No crashes yet, not even an X crash yet with the whiz bang visuals. I do have trouble with getting compiz working, but the visuals included in KDE 3.5 are pretty nice and work well.

Edit: I was able to get Compiz-quinn working. It has pretty wild visual effects, as good or better than Vista with Aero Glass. You can see a demo of someone else running it here.
Why can programmers who get paid relatively little or nothing are able to accomplish so much on older hardware when highly paid programmers can’t is beyond me. Vista is 5 years late and has features which only bring it close to other operating systems. The Linux crowd is doing a nice job of keeping ahead of MS by the look of things.

A new feature in Vista is one which prompts users for a password before they install software or change the system. This has always existed in the Unix/Linux world. It’s call root user/regular user dichotomy. Only root can mess up your system, and modern Linux distributions really pound in the fact you should never log in a root, unless you really mean it. The sudo command is all you really need to get things accomplished. Way to go, catching up with a 30 year old concept.

Enough nerd speak. My next post will be about regular life.

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Saw a Zune

I was able to play with a Zune in a limited fashion at Target the other night.  It would of been bitch’en cool…in 2001.  The screen is pretty nice, but I think the navigation could take forever with the 5 direction pad and no click or scroll wheel.  Ironically, the navigation is almost identical to the Zaurus music player’s navigation.  (The player for the Japanese Zaurus, not the one included with the American rom (which sucks.))

It still looks like a PDA with no touch screen.  Except it has no PDA features and a crippled  WiFi connection.  AdHoc only mode?  Why?  Apparently the hardware is pretty much a PDA as well.   I think they took a Toshiba PDA, took off the touch screen, slapped on a big hard drive and battery and called it a Zune.  I am sure the Linux hackers will have Familiar or OPIE running on there soon. 

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Blogging Tool

I am sure a lot of people know about this tool, but Performancing :
Performancing :: Mozilla Add-ons :: Add Features to Mozilla Software
is a pretty neat add on to Firefox.

It allows you to post easily to your WordPress or other blog with a simple click.  Works equally well in windows and Linux.

powered by performancing firefox

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Posted by on September 20, 2006 in Linux

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New Keyboard and Baby News

Went to the doctor and the baby is doing just fine so far. He is getting really big in there. Tiff is alreaqdy dialated 1 cm so far. After nextWednesday, he is full term and can come out at any time.
On the technology front, I bought a Targus Universal wireles keyboard for use with the Zaurus. I am typing this blog entry using it right now. The typing speed is just a tiny bit slower than a full size keyboard, but much faster than the integrated trhumb keyboard. The thumb keyboard is great for some data entry, but not what you want to type the great American novel on. I’ll post a picture later to show off my little tiny laptop.

Here is the picture:


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Free Plug for an American Company

Finally found a proper carrying case for my beloved Zaurus SL-6000L. It is from a company called “ThePouch.” They custom make cases for ANY portable device. Just give them the dimensions and tell them a color, and they hand make a case for you in about 10 days + shipping. Not the cheapest cases in the world, but it is neoprene and custom made, each time. They are at The Pouch
It is the ONLY carrying case out there specifically for the SL-6000.

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Posted by on February 14, 2006 in General Comments, Linux, Zaurus

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