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Turns out my web host is discontinuing support for MySQL 4 soon so I had to update some of my less used blogs. runs on the latest WordPress, so no worries there, but this allowed me to do a little culling from blogs I don’t update any more.  So, what is left standing?  Duh, that is where you are now.  My watch site, gets more hits than the main site.  My homage to Mark Driver, since his main disappeared years ago, I wanted an easy reference to his works.  Creepy on my part, but oh well.  A lonely spot now.  I maintain it for the lonely Zaurus users out there.  The software feed still generates a fair amount of hits.

That is all for now.  Now that I am off Facebook, I should have more time to update the sites.  I also use twitter, you can follow me at:

I also use Instagram quite a bit, you can follow me at:

If you are feeling old school, you can always e-mail me dave at cyberphreak dot com.


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I have on a bit of a hat bender in the last few months.  Funny, I never thought of myself as a hat person, but after getting my ears and back of my neck burned one too many times, broke down and got a hat.

As a bit of clarification, baseball ‘hats’ are actually caps.  What’s the difference?  A had has a brim that goes around the circumference of the head, a cap has only a brim or bill that covers part of the circumference, ideally to protect the eyes, but often worn backwards for fashion.  What I got was a hat.

My first hat:

An L.L.Bean “Adventure” hat.  Technically, it is a Boonie hat.  It is a commonly worn by military forces around the world during the summer months.   It provides great protection from the sun, is lightweight, and in this version, insect resistance.  A great, informal, working hat that gets the job done.  But, the madness didn’t stop there. After building up confidence wearing this hat all last summer, I decided to take the plunge into a fedora.

My second hat:

An Orvis Packable Felt Fedora.  I needed a had for the fall and winter months and I wanted something I would not have to baby.  Enter the felt fedora.  This is another hardworking hat with some class.  It is made from Lite Felt, which is tough, waterproof, and allows the had to return to its original shape, even if it is crushed or packed away.  It is a nice, surprisingly light hat that I have gotten many compliments for and the occasional jibe asking where my bullwhip is at.   The bow dresses up the hat, giving it a more formal, but not too formal look.  For fall and winter it is great, but with this early spring, I needed just one more hat, a panama.

My third hat:

An Ultrafino Panama hat.  This is basically a fedora made out of lightweight material.  It is a blocked hat, so I will try not to crush it too much.  It is a more formal hat, with a traditional pleated puggaree.  It is a super light hat and stays on pretty darn well, even is windy condition.

Wearing hats makes me realize why they went out of fashion, most look pretty silly when worn with t-shirts and jeans, the standard clothing for most Americans.  I usually wear button down shirts and don’t even own a pair of jeans, so I can wear a hat and not look too foolish.  Another reason I see why hats went out of style is cars now all have safety headrests.  Great of avoiding whiplash, kind of annoying when it comes to the brim of your hat rubbing against it.

Any other hat wearers out there?

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Facebook respite

For all my Facebook friends, I am just taking a break.  My hobbies were suffering and it is too distracting, so I am taking some time off of it.  If you need your Dave fix, I have a twitter feed at :!/Cyberphreak_Com

Hopefully now I can update my watch blog and


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Thanksgiving 2011

Well, I must say this Thanksgiving is a lot better than last year and I actually have a lot to be thankful for.

  • My Dad is doing much better this year, physically and mentally.  This time last year, he was in the hospital, now he is walking well on his own and looks much better, years younger and many pounds lighter.
  • I feel much better now.  The clots must of been slowly accumulating for a while.  I can breath, walk, run up stairs, and I can smell.  This time last year, I was exhausted most of the time.  I thought it was stress and too much weight, but it was the chronic pulmonary embolism.
  • Our kitchen remodel is done.  It was a lot of decisions, but it turned out even better than I thought it would be.  All of the colors work great together and it is as beautiful as it is practical.
  • Glenn is in kindergarten and learning a lot.  Some behavior things here and there, but he is an active little boy, and to be expected.  He loves being around other kids.
  • Tiffany is well this year, no sinus infections and is very happy the kitchen is done

I am very glad that the second half of this year is better than the first half.  It was the first time I have ever been admitted to a hospital.  I hope the remainder of the year is uneventful.

Happy  Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Two months

It has been a little more than two months since I collapsed due to chronic pulmonary embolisms.  Snce then, I feel a whole lot better.  It really puts everything in your life in perspective.  If you don’t have your health, nothing else really matters.  The ability to breath again has improved my daily life.  I can smell again.  I can walk up stairs without loosing my breath.  I can walk a 5K at lunch time, and all I feel afterwards is a little sweaty.  In addition, my hands are still steady, making watch repairs (a hobby of mine) a whole lot easier.  All I can say is, if you have shaky hands, fatigue, and a hard spot on your leg, go to an ER, now.

In addition to getting my lungs fixed and preventing a re-occurrence, I am also loosing weight.  If you have ever tried, the hardest part is the mental aspect.  Adjusting what you think is a proper portion.  Knowing when you are full and not really hungry anymore.  Dealing with the occasional hunger.  Don’t be fooled.  If you are dieting to loose weight, you will get hungry.  You also need to get in the mental habit of exercising a lot more.  They say, when it comes to diet and exercise, emphasize the exercise.  It helps improve your health and boost your resting metabolism (due to more muscle mass).  It is a hard road ahead, but at least it is better than collapsing for no apparent reason.  With the new lungs, exercise is so much easier.

Another thing I realized, I really miss updating my website.  I am not promising daily updates, but I will at least try to keep the site more up to date with opinions and what is going on in the world of Dave.

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